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We're Dancing: Portland State



The Big Sky champs are dancing for the second year in a row, and it's their second ever tournament berth.  Winners of their last six, the Vikings are heating up at the right time.  Granted they barely shot 50 percent from the free-throw line, but eeked out a win over Montana State by a late dunk with just under four seconds remaining.

Portland State is the first Big Sky repeat representatives since Montana in 2005-2006.

More on this pipe dream squad after the jump.

Location: Portland, Oregon

Enrollment: 18,000

Record: 23-9 (11-5)

Leading scorers: Jeremiah Dominguez (12.9 ppg); Dominic Waters (11.5 ppg); Phil Nelson (11.2 ppg)

What to know: 

  • Lest we forget, this team stole a victory from Gonzaga back during the non-conference season.
  • But besides that, they hardly even sniffed the shorts of an upper-echelon team.  They're best loss is Baylor, and have 250+ strength of schedule.
  • They're third in the nation in three-pointers made, and shoot 38 percent from long distance.  Leading scorer Jeremiah Dominguez is a little guy, (5'7") but brings it from deep at a 43 percent clip.

Projected seed: 15; expect them to be reliant on the three ball.