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SEC: Only four matter, two remain


A triffling SEC conference showcased their four best teams on Saturday in the semifinals of the conference tournament.  All four teams will most likely be dancing tomorrow as the curtain is lifted on the field of 65, but assurance was gained by two of the teams.

  • Mississippi State - LSU.  The questionable strength of the conference was captured by the fact that Mississippi State's first game versus a ranked opponent came five months into the season.  The Bulldogs were able to put a one liner on their resume as they are now 1-0 against the ranked, beating LSU 67-57.  Jarvis Varnardo and Barry Stewart went for 19 and 17 respectively despite the team only shooting 33%.  Mississippi State is now riding high and can play in the SEC championship free spirited.
  • Auburn-Tennessee.  Tennessee "Chisimized" the Auburn Tigers, 94-85 on Saturday afternoon.  Led by Wayne Chism's 27 points, the Vols shot the lights out in the first half and jumped out to a 14 point lead behind 62% shooting.  The Vols will now face the red hot Bulldogs tomorrow at 1pm in "the Pete."