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We're Dancing: USC Trojans


He hasn't touched the court since mop-up duty on February 4th against UCLA, but Percy Miller Jr. is still a prominent member of the USC Trojans basketball team.  I wish my father created a No Limit Record-like company so I could steal a spot on a Division I basketball team.

But as Lil Romeo is to hopeful USC walk-ons the Trojans are to the field of 65, stealing an at-large bid from a team in bubble trouble today by capturing the Pac-10 crown.  And steal did they ever.  Down 15 at halftime to Arizona State, the Trojans won the second session 42-24.

Despite all this, we might want to take this So Cal team serious.  They underachieved for most of the season, but their length and athleticism makes Jay Bilas horny them a threat.

More on them after the jump.

Location: The Melting Pot of America

Enrollment: 16,300

Record: 20-12 (9-9)

Leading scorers:  Taj Gibson (14.6 ppg); Dwight Lewis (14.1 ppg); DeMar DeRozan (13.3 ppg)

What to know:

  • Even at 9-9, they're conference record is a bit deceptive as they did not beat a Washington or UCLA, suffered two three game losing streaks, and was 2-7 on the road.
  • Forward Taj Gibson is eighth in the country in blocks.  He doesn't want to give you any soup.
  • They're come from behind victory in the Pac-10 finals may have been an aberration.  SC ranks 337 in three pointers attempted and 335 in three pointers made.  Falling behind isn't something they want to do.

Projected seed: 11; and they won't be intimidated.