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We're Dancing: Utah Utes


Winners of the Mountain West, Utah is making their first tourney appearance since 2005. Their victory last night in the championship game was ugly but somehow entertaining.  

We're not so sure about this team, but as a school we know Utah always seems to prove formidable.  They are led by a seven footer who comes from down under and shoots 60 percent from the field.  

More on the Utes after the jump.

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Enrollment: 28,600

Record: 24-9 (12-4)

Leading scorers: Luke Nevill (16.9 ppg); Lawrence Borha (11.7 ppg); Shaun Green (10.4 ppg)

What to know: 


  • With a shocking RPI of 9, the Utes have good wins over Gonzaga, LSU (by 30!) and notable losses to Oklahoma and California.
  • Center Luke Nevill will be the tallest player in the tournament along with Hasheem Thabeet.  He's just a hair under a double-double average guy (9.1 rebounds per). Also a very consistent; he's scored under 10 points just twice this year.
  • A great free-throw shooting team.  At 78 percent they're third in the country.
  • Rebounding is a bit of a mystery, only eight offensive boards a game, but 27 defensive rebounds a game.


Projected seed: 8