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We're Dancing: Mississippi State Bulldogs


Last night it was USC, tand oday Mississippi State stole a bid from a to-be determined at-large hopeful, by winning the SEC title today over Tennessee.  

The conference has been catching a lot of crap over the season about how weak they are from top to bottom.  Usually I give these larger conferences a break as in my brain, an SEC middler would beat a top mid-major 6-8 times out of 10.  But if you saw the last minute of play between the Bulldogs and Volunteers, which featured four turnovers and difficulty just inbounding the damn basketball, you would ironically call it mid-major basketball.

Nonetheless MSU made a great run and kept their season alive.

More on them after the jump.

Location: Starkville, Mississippi

Enrollment: 17,800

Record: 22-12 (9-7)

Leading scorers:  Jarvis Varnado (13.1 ppg); Barry Stewart (12.4 ppg); Ravern Johnson (12.2 ppg)

What to know

Jarvis Varnado, not Hasheem Thabeet, is the nation's leading shot blocker.  He's also their leading scorer and has fouled out only twice this season.

The Bulldogs did not schedule tough out of conference.  Most notable games were losses to Cincinnati and Charlotte, and a 28 point win over Western Kentucky.

Despite their size, they're only ranked 175 in offensive rebounds per game (11.3)