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We're Dancing: Ohio State Buckeyes


Location: Columbus, OH

Enrollment: 52,568

Record: 22-10 (10-8)

Leading Scorers: Evan Turner (16.9 ppg), John Diebler (11.3 ppg), William Buford (11.2 ppg)

What to know:

  • Ohio State will convert on their opportunities.  they are 9th in the nation in field goal percentage at just under 50 percent.
  • Evan Turner will be the catalyst for the Buckeyes.  They will look to get him the ball early and often.  His ability to breakdown the defense with his drive will create wide open shots for his teammates.
  • Thad Matta is a tournament experienced coach and he will have the Buckeyes ready to go for round one.  Bucky is 7-7 versus top 25 teams this year.

Projected Performance:  We think they might have gotten a cake draw with the Siena Saints in the first round, but drawing the 8 seed is the kiss of death as they will go up against Louisville in the second round.