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We're Dancing: Arizona Wildcats


Location: Tucson, AZ

Enrollment: 29,070

Record: 19-13 (9-9)

Leading Scorers: Jordan Hill (18.5 ppg), Chase Budinger (17.9 ppg), Nic Wise (15.1 ppg)

What to know:

  • The Wildcats did it!  They snuck into the field of 65, as a #12 seed.  This was a perplexing decision to let the Wildcats into the party because they have an RPI ranking of 62, have lost five of their last 6 and are 6-10 against the Top 50 teams.
  • Despite the previous bullet point, the Wildcats do have the capability to beat a top tier team.  They have wins over Gonzaga and UCLA so with a 12 vs. 5 match up versus the Utah Utes, things may actually be looking up.
  • Chase Budinger will have the ball in the clutch but Jordan Hill will do the brunt of the work from the start of each contest.

Projected Performance:  Arizona doesn't get a bad draw with the Utah Utes in the first round and any other year we would think that the seeding scenario would be reveresed.  We all know that the 12 over the 5 upset happens every year and this one looks like it might be one of the safer upset picks.