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We're Dancing: Marquette Golden Eagles


Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Enrollment: 8,000

Record: 24-9 (12-6)

Leading scorers: Jerel McNeal (19.7 ppg); Wesley Matthews (18.4 ppg); Lazar Hayward 16.1 ppg)

What to know / projected performance:

Since losing Dominic James, the Golden Eagles have gone 1-5, and the void is something that skews the data.  Let's put it this way, Marquette was a Final Four contender pre-injury.  If they can get by Utah State, which I think they will giving their scoring abilities, they can't out pace the Missouri Tigers in the second round without steady point guard play. Maurice Acker hasn't served as a substantial hole-filler, with his points and assists per-game increasing little despite his minutes being upped.