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We're Dancing: Maryland Terrapins

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Location: College Park, Maryland

Enrollment: 26,400

Record: 20-13 (7-9)

Leading scorers:  Greivis Vazquez (17.3 ppg); Landon Milbourne (11.9 ppg)

What to know:


  • While some may be enamored by Greivis Vazquez and the Terps improved play over the past few weeks, keep in mind a 27 point loss to Georgetown,  41!!! point loss to Duke, and a one point loss to Morgan frieken State.
  • Vazquez accounts for a quarter of his team's points, and 35 percent of the assists.  If you can neutralize him you're in good shape.  He's fouled out four times this season.
  • They're the best free throw shooting team in the ACC, all their starters shoot 70 percent or better.


Projected performance: No wins.  Not enough depth to play with Cal for 40 minutes. Am I underestimating the ACC?