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We're Dancing: Dayton Flyers


Location: Armpit of Ohio...Dayton.

Enrollment: 7,426

Record: 26-7 (11-5)

Leading Scorers: Chris Wright (12.9 ppg), Marcus Johnson (12.2 ppg)

What to know:

  • Dayton has gone 2-1 versus top 25 teams this season, one of which came against the red hot Marquette Golden Eagle early in the season.
  • When playing in their own gym the Fly guys are 18-0, when stepping outside of their comfort zone they are only 8-7.  Had they reserved a spot in the play-in game (in Dayton) maybe they would have been better off.

Projected Performance:  Dayton will most likely have a brief appearance as an eleven seed in 2009.  We don't see them being able to battle the mediocre of the Big East, West Virginia Mountaineers.