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We're Dancing: Kansas Jayhawks


Location: Lawrence, KS

Enrollment: 20,298

Record: 25-7 (14-2)

Leading Scorers: Sherron Collins (18.3 ppg), Cole Aldrich (14.6 ppg), Tyshawn Taylor (10.0 ppg)

What to know:

  • Kansas has built a pretty respectable resume for themselves but upon further review we notice that these Jayhawks can't step onto neutral battle grounds.  The Jayhawks only picked up one win in three neutral attempts.
  • Kansas has beaten the likes of Washington and Oklahoma, but that 21 point embarrassment that the Texas Tech Red Raiders put on them is a serious indicator of complacency.  We don't see a strng of big game wins coming from the defending champs.
  • Sherron Collins is the toughness and heart of this team and if he shows the will power he did last year in March, we might see a slight spark. Slight.

Projected Performance:  We don't see Ben Woodside and #14 NDSU causing too many problems (although, the stage is set for that storyline).  We'll see an exit to the WVU Mountaineers in the second round.