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We're Dancing: Florida State Seminoles

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Location: Tallahassee, Florida

Enrollment: 31,500

Record: 25-8 (10-6)

Leading scorers: Toney Douglas (21.1 ppg)

What to know:

  • No other Seminole scores in double figures other than Douglas.  He's an absloute machine, as he hasn't scored less than 17 points since December 5th.
  • While Douglas can go bananas on offense, the Seminoles finished dead last in the ACC in scoring and on defense.  They also were the worst rebounding team, at 38 per game.
  • Despite this, they managed to go 5-5 against the RPI top 50, and took UNC to the buzzer when Ty Lawson was healthy and running the point.

Projected performance: Statistically the Seminoles are not impressive.  But using the eye-test they can be dangerous.  They also get to play Wisconsin in the first round -- a team very undeserving of an at-large bid.  They'll advance, but won't advance past Xavier in the second round.