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We're Dancing: Wisconsin Badgers


Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Enrollment: 29,000

Record: 19-12 (10-8)

Leading scorers: Marcus Landry (12.6 ppg); Trevon Hughes (12 ppg); Jason Bohannon (10.3 ppg)

What to know:

  • As a #12 seed at-large berth, the Badgers, along with the Arizona Wildcats, were the last two teams to get a ticket to the dance.
  • They went 4-7 on the road, and 4-10 against the RPI top 50.
  • Despite being their second and third leading scorers, Bohannon and Hughes both shoot below 40 percent from the field --  the worst among the Badgers rotation.
  • This is how defensive minded the Big 10 is: The Badgers were 8th in the conference in defense, giving up 59 a game, but 12th in the entire country. Go figure.

Projected performance:  Nobody has seemed to be able to do it, but the Badgers might be able to limit Toney Douglas' production.  Expect a closer game than expected, but just a moral victory here.