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We're Dancing: UCLA Bruins


Location: The Melting Pot of America

Enrollment: 27,000

Record: 25-8 (13-5)

Leading scorers: Darren Collison (14.5 ppg); Josh Shipp (14.4 ppg)

What to know:

  • Darren Collison is fourth in the country in free throw percentage (91 percent).  He's got the ball more than any other player on the court, so in a close game the Bruins are in good hands.
  • The Bruins have been a bit under the radar this season, but still had dominant performances with a scoring margin of 13 and 11 wins over 20 points.
  • Ben Howland has created, in our minds, the most efficient offensive team.  They shoot 49.4 percent from the floor and are sixth in the country with 1.16 points per possession.

Projected performance: Sweet 16.  It's easy to take VCU and Eric Maynor, but when you're going up against a point guard who can play defense and has been to the last three Final Fours, that task is tougher to pull off.