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We're Dancing: Texas Longhorns


Location: Austin, Texas

Enrollment: 37,400

Record: 22-11 (9-7)

Leading scorers: AJ Abrams (16.3 ppg); Damion James (15.4 ppg); Gary Johnson (10.5 ppg)

What to know:

  • He's supposed to be such a prolific scorer, yet AJ Abrams is only 89th in three point percentage (39 percent).
  • They're also very reliant on Abrams points -- they're dead last in the conference in team three point percentage.
  • Dougas Balbay assumed more of the point guard role mid way though the season.  He's been pretty effective, with a 2.7 assist to turnover ratio and 45 percent field goal percentage.

Projected performance: One and done.  The talent is there, but sometimes you wonder about the decision making.