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We're Dancing: North Carolina Tar Heels


Location: Chapel Hill, NC

Enrollment: 28,136

Record: 28-4 (13-3)

Leading Scorers: Tyler Hansbrough (21.4 ppg), Ty Lawson (15.9 ppg), Wayne Ellington (15.2 ppg)

What to know:

  • UNC looked like the scariest team coming into the season.  Everyone had them tagged as the resounding National Champion before Tyler Hansbrough had transformed into Psycho T form.  Last year's team featured four first round NBA draft picks, and they all came back.
  • Five players put up double figures in scoring, leading to the nations second most points per game at 90.2.  They also are first in the nation in rebounding.
  • We do know that the Tar Heels are not immortal, collecting four losses.  We're sure Roy Williams has used those four games as life lessons.
  • The achilles heel of the North Carolina Tar Heels is their defense.  The Tar Heels give up 72.8 points per game (299th in the nation).  Good thing they put up 90.2 ppg.

Projected Performance: If you want to be boring pick UNC to win the National Championship.  If you are smart you will at least put them in the Final Four.