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We're Dancing: Butler Bulldogs


Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Enrollment: 4,000

Record: 26-5 (13-3)

Leading scorers: Matt Howard (14.6 ppg); Gordon Hayward (13.2 ppg); Shelvin Mack (11.7 ppg)

What to know:

  • Despite being a top 25 mainstay, the Bulldogs only had an SOS of 96.
  • They're young and fearless, Hayward and Mack are freshman, Howard is a sophomore.
  • 36 percent of the Bulldogs points come from behind the arc, where four players have hit 30 or more this season.
  • They play slow with only 62 possessions a game, 313th most in the nation.

Projected performance:  Could be a great game against LSU.  I'll take the Bulldogs to advance, setting up an even more interesting game with the Tar Heels.