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We're Dancing: Clemson Tigers

Clemson student tackles Wake Forest player (via chaztopher)

Location: Clemson, SC

Enrollment: 14,172

Record: 23-8 (9-7)

Leading Scorers: Trevor Booker (15.3 ppg), K.C. Rivers (14.2 ppg), Terrence Oglesby (13.5 ppg)

What to know:

  • Clemson became a surprise team when they jumped out to a 16-0 start but was brought back to Earth and actually dropped 4 of their last 5 games in the "L" column.
  • Clemson is only 1-4 versus the Top 25 and only 3-5 versus the Top 50.
  • Clemson's strength is their manacing full court defense.  they will cause turnovers, so a poised team will be needed to disect the tigers and their defense that ranks 7th in the nation in steals.

Projected Performance:  Clemson is really slumping right now and we don't see any reason that things are looking up.  Michigan has played their way in with some big wins and we see some desire out of their camp.