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We're Dancing: Oklahoma Sooners


Location: Norman, Oklahoma

Enrollment: 29,931

Record: 27-5 (13-3)

Leading Scorers: Blake Griffin (21.9 ppg), Willie Warren (14.7 ppg), Taylor Griffin (9.6 ppg)

What to know:

  • BLAKE GRIFFIN is Oklahoma.  We don't need to say much because Griffin did during the entire regular season, including 26 double-double's.
  • Oklahoma went through the 26th hardest schedule and went 10-4 against the Top 50 team's.  Opps almost forgot to mention, THEY DID LOSE 4 OF THEIR LAST 6 GAMES. 
  • If Oklahoma can get back on the right track, they will be lead by Sophomore Blake Griffin and Freshman Willie Warren, inexperienced.  They'll need the Carmelo Anthony Factor sprinkled in Blake Griffin's Gatorade, good thing they got older bro, Taylor.
  • The Sooners are good for 3rd in the nation in field goal percentage at 48.9.

Projected Performance:  We think Oklahoma won't face any trouble until the second round, but in the second round we might be seeing a potential heavyweight go down.