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Happy St. Patty's Day

It seemed only fitting to throw this "oldie but a goodie" up on this day.  We're sure these Alabama people will be going equally as crazy for Chief Kickingstallionsims (yes, that's his actual name) and the Alabama St. Hornets, as they take on the Morehead State Eagles.  We won't be.   The irrelevancy of the "play-in" game is actually a cruel delegation to Dayton, Ohio, where dreams are dashed before they can even have their name attached to any CBS Sports intro music.  We know that as pseudo "talking heads of college basketball," you probably think we have interest in this game, we don't.  Plus, we like to drink. 

We will be drinking Guinness to honor our ancestors and the over 40 million Irish descendents residing in America today. 

Look for our region by region outlook in the near future.