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Riding high and the #1's Roll

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The afternoon held very little excitement, a lot less than indicated by the Purdue players above.  In the two games with questionable outcome possibility, only one managed to be worthy of a two hour time slot on national television.  Two of the top teams defeated obliterated JV Division I programs.

  • #5 Purdue - #12 Northern Iowa.  Northern Iowa gave the Purdue Boilermakers all they could handle on Thursday afternoon.  For the most part, Purdue led by roughly eight points all game but a late game surge by the Missouri Valley Champs gave NIck and his proclaimed bandwagon team quite the scare.  The chairty stripe was kind to the Boilermakers down the stretch as they put it in the books, Purdue 61, Northern Iowa 56.  E'Twaun Moore led Purdue with 17 points and Robbbie Hummel added 10 rebounds.
  • #7 Maryland - #10 California.  Maryland is on a mission.  Gary Williams heard it all season long, and now his team is finally taking his sweat covered back.  Maryland put together a nice ACC Tournament and can now add one more notch on the old belt, after beating California convincingly 84-71.  Cal has lived by the three all year long and they eventually died because of the three.  Maryland never let California get going from long range, holding the Golden Bears to 7-24 from beyond the arc.  Our favorite player to hate in this tournament lives on as Grievis Vasquez chips in 27 points.
  • #1 UCONN - #16 Chattanooga.  A Calhoun-less Connecticut Husky team took as much stress off of their bed-riden coach with a 103-47 embarrassment.  AJ Price and Hasheem Thabeet each had 20 points.  UCONN will now face off against the hot shooting Aggies of Texas A&M.
  • #1 UNC - #16 Radford. We're not goign to lie to you and tell you that Radford put up a fight in this one.  We're pretty sure they are happy the game is only 40 minutes long.  Within that 40 minutes, UNC was able to continually stretch the margin of victory until it reached 43, and Radfords final resting place at 101-58.  We expect a much closer game on Saturday versus the LSU Tigers.