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USC maintains momemtum, Xavier cruises


  • #10 USC - #7 Boston College: Taj Gibson is perfect. Not really, but he was perfect last night, going 10-for-10 from the floor as the Trojans kicked off a brutal night for the ACC with a 72-55 victory. Eagle studs Tyrese Rice and Rakim Sanders were held to 18 total points and committed 18 turnovers. Proof that the Boston Globe is an endangered newspaper, Dan Shaugnessey, of all columnists, covered the game and simply tagged USC as the better team. He was right, as the Trojan Horse marches on to face the Spartans of Michigan State. There's some history here right?
  • #14 Portland State - #3 Xavier: "I watched Xavier this year, and I think Portland State will be the upset of the night." -- said the not-so-venerable Greg Anderson. Who the hell at CBS thinks it's a good idea to put Anderson and Seth Davis at the desk for the NCAA Tournament? Xavier never really had a chance of losing, as they handeld the Vikings 77-59. The Cincinnati Enquirer's Paul Daugherty said that it's a thankless win for the Musketeers, as they survive and advance. Xavier only committed seven turnovers and looked like a team focused on their third Sweet 16 berth in six seasons.
  • #16 Morehead St. - #1 Louisville: Cards coach Rick Pitino put it best after the game. He wasn't peeved at a two point halftime lead, or the fact that his team only out rebounded the Eagles by one. He was just happy that his opponent competed and exuded what March Madness was all about. The Louisville Courier Journal's Rick Bozich says that Morehead St. should of held off on their first half rendition of "Gonna Fly Now," because it was quite presumptuous. UL asserted themselves in the second 20 minutes of play, shooting an impressive 58 percent. They move on with a 74-54 win.
  • #12 Arizona - #5 Utah: An upset? Not in Vegas. Zona was actually the favorites in this game, and made the selection committee look good with an 84-71 win over the Utes. Zona's point guard Nic Wise led all with 29, as the Utes center Luke Nevill was limited with foul trouble. Wise slashed his way to the basket on a number of occasions, going 7-7 from the free throw line. A bubble team, the Wildcats now face Cleveland State in the second round, suddenly giving them a clear shot at the Sweet 16.