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Villanova - Duke: Bench play, limited mistakes key


It should be pretty simple here:  listen to your coach, minimize mistakes, and stay alert as this game will surely head well into Friday morning.  Duke, obviously reliant on the three, needs exceptional guard play.  Here's looking at YOU! Greg Paulus.  As a senior, it's a great opportunity to stake his spot in Blue Devils lore and get this program back to a regional final. 

Nova can counter of course with the Two Coreys coming off the bench.  Fisher and Stokes have scored 41 of  the 45 WIldcat bench points this tournament.  They could be the difference maker in the game.  When Duke makes their substitutions, can a Nolan Smith or a Paulus (or a Scheyer, depending on who Coach K starts) match Nova's output or at least limit it?  We think not, meaning Jay Wright gets to look dappar for us once again, and move one game closer to the final four.

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