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Goodbye Purdue, Hello Husky Nation


No answer.  Jar Jar Binks Hasheem Thabeet became the answer for the semi slow Boilermaker train.  Thabeet got his beat goin as he knocked in the first eight points of the second half for the UConn Huskies.  Purdue never led and Jim Calhoun was fine with that as UConn pulled out the 72-60 Sweet Sixteen victory.

The dunks were plentiful as Stanley Robinson and thabeet teed off on the inferior interior of the Purdue Boilermakers.  Matt Painter's slick back hair wasn't enough to grease his Purdue team into a close game.  Purdue's non-stop catch up effort was restricted by the fact that their conversion rate from long range was limited to twenty-six percent.  Purdue will now be minimalized to their Big Ten tournament champs while UConn is thriving in the Big East Invitational known as the NCAA Tournament.  UConn will now be awaiting the Mizzou Tigers and their ferocious defensive pressure.