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First hand ish from Boston


  • First off, Todd McShay dissed me as we we're relieving ourselves.  I shouted his name... he responded with some choice words.
  • Villanova was represented well at the TD Banknorth Garden.  Better than the other three schools, and their fans were rewarded.
  • Duke had zero answer for the Wildcats interior game, but I also don't think they really had a plan either.
  • In person I saw the '02 Maryland National Championship team, the '03 Cuse National Championship team, '04 Duke Final Four team, and the '08 Xavier Elite Eight team;  each of these squads would mash the '09 Pitt team. College basketball is down, Pitt as a Final Four contender affirms that.
  • Dejuan Blair will amount to nothing more than a Reggie Evans.
  • No booze at these tournament games really stink.
  • Coach K made a bold statement sitting Greg Paulus tonight.  Too bad John Scheyer has absolutely no skill at creating his own shot. Tisk tisk on the Duke coaching staff for giving him point guard duties for portions of the game.
  • For most of the second game, the jumbotron kept showing Memphis as beating up on Missouri.  All of a sudden with just under five minutes to play the scores were switched (corrected) and roars of confusion swept through parts of the arena.