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Afternoon Delight - part 1


                Skyrockets in flight!  Here's a roundup of the early afternoon games

  • Memphis hasn't lost a conference game in three seasons, as they close out their regular season with a win against Tulane.  They're 58 C-USA win was highlighted by a 20-3 run to close out the last eight miutes of the contest. They also hold the nation's longest winning streak at 22.  Impressive yes, but, please this No 1 seed crap is upsetting. 
  • Did Michigan clich a berth today?  We think so, although any other year they would be on the outside looking in.  The Wolverines get a nice road win at Minnesota.  They're 9-9 conference record isn't overly impressive, but we will give them the nod due to the weak bubble and call them Jay Bilas Special ("can you beat good teams?" -- yes, with wins against Duke, UCLA and Illinois)
  • Boston College ensures they will get in the tournament, eeking by Georgia Tech.  A loss here would really cripple them, but they move on and should get inclusion to the dance.