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Afternoon Delight - part 3

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  • Maryland has managed to shoot themselves in the foot once again.  Many thought today's game at Virginia was a mandatory win just to stay in the conversation.  Well now Maryland will be limping into the ACC tournament after "dropping the ball" in Charlottesville, 68-63.  The Terps athletic department will now need to run up the hotel bill in Atlanta, as playing until day three of the ACC tourney is a must.
  • The Oklahoma intra-state rivalry score will be deceiving.  Blake Griffin's 33 points powered the Sooners to the 82-78 win, but the close score is not how the game felt to us.  Oklahoma remained in control from the 10 minute mark of the first half, leading by as many as 12 and never surrendering the lead.  The Big 12 is an intriguing conference that we don't see them repping any Elite 8 status in 3 weeks.  Can the Sooners keep it together? Is Missouri getting stage fright?  Are the Jayhawks really this good?
  • Speaking of KU, they picked up a nice little W on Senior night in Fogg Allen.  The 83-73 victory gave the Jayhawks their 5th straight Big 12 regular season title.  Texas was looking for the "show me" win, as they have only gone 9-7 in the conference.  They Jayhawks are setting themselves up for at least a #3 seed as long as they are not bumped before winning one next week.  Regardless, "Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk" can celebrate, but celebrate knowing that Sherron Collins tweaked his ankle in the closing seconds.