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In the night cap: Louisville wins Big East, Washington the Pac-10


We've said this before. And if you are tops in the Big bad East, you get Photoshopped onto the acclaimed Cash Money feature film.

It was quite a line for Cardinals stud Terrence Williams tonight--  how about 20/6/7/6/5.  Ever seen something like that before?  That's points /rebounds / assists / steals / blocks.  T'Will carried his team, and got some help late from Jerry Smith, as Louisville captures the regular season Big East crown tonight against West Virginia.

Doug Gottleib is peeved they get this tite, because they didn't have to go on the road to Connecticut, Pittsburgh or Marquette (when healthy).  But Doug Gottleib is a bitter bitter man, and you gotta give them some credit for closing out impressivly on Senior Night in Morgantown as part of a 16-2 record. Can't hate on that. 

Way out west, in a game you probably didn't see, Washington wrapped up the Pac-10 regular season title over their intra-state rival.  Quietly, this is a team that will be a tough out in the Big Dance with a balanced scoring attack and rising star in freshman Isaish Thomas  Jon Brockman pulled down a season high 18 rebounds (the sixth time he's hit that mark), and apparently got on the mic at the Bank of America Arena afterwards.  Hopefully that pops up on YouTube in the near future.