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We're Dancing: Northern Iowa

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Northern Iowa has dominated the Illinois State Redbirds this season winning in all three meetings.  On Sunday afternoon the Panthers received a tangible reward for their efforts, the Mountain Valley Conference Championship and a bid into the NCAA Tournament.

The 60-57 overtime victory causes a bit of anguish among those seeking at large bids; as Creighton won the MVC regular season so there's an outside chance this league will get two bids.

A quick look at the Northern Iowa Panthers...

Location: Cedar Falls, IA

Enrollment: 12,607

Record: 23-10 (14-4)

Leading Scorers: Adam Koch (12.5 ppg), Kwadzo Ahelegbe (11.7 ppg), Jordan Eglseder (10.2 ppg)

What to know:

  • The Missouri Valley has been producing some tournament saavy teams in recent years and Northern Iowa is disciplined enough to lodge an upset if the seed is right.  The have been battle tested, carrying the #67 strength of schedule.
  • From 2003-2005 Northern Iowa fell 5 points short in 3 NCAA Tournament games.  They gave scares to Georgetown, Wisconsin and Georgia Tech, be on upset alert if the Panthers can check in with a 12 to 14 seed (or a match up with a Big Ten team).
  • Jordan Eglseder is a 7-1 monster so big teams will not intimidate the Panthers.