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We're Dancing: Chattanooga Mocs


First things first, we need to address the nickname...what is a Moc?

Well, you see, moc is short for Water Moccasins -- the original school nickname coined after the world's only semiaquatic viper. But now "Moc" has becoming short for Mockingbird, the Tennessee state bird.  The school logo depicts a choo-choo train however, which is in reference to the Chattanooga train museum trapped in a Holiday Inn.

Despite all this, Chattanooga is in the slightly unenviable postion as the team who will appear in place of America's favorite SoCon team: the Davidson Wildcats.  But hey, they could care less about the collective feelings of an entire country, they're dancing! 

A bit on these dangerous snakes after the jump.

Location: Blatantly obvious

Enrollment: 9,000

Record: 18-16 (11-9)

Leading Scorers: Stephen McDowell (18.7 ppg); Nicchaeus Doaks (14.1 ppg); Kevin Goffney (13.4 ppg)

What to Know:

  • Chattanooga will probably end up being the worst defensive team in the country, giving up 76.2 a game (good for 325th in the country).
  • Forward Khalil Hartwell ranks sixth in the country in FT percentage (85%)
  • While it didn't really help they opened the season against Tennessee, Missouri, Memphis and USC, losing all  four by an average of 26.5 per.
  • They're best win came on at home to Niagara, currently playing in the MAAC finals.

Projected Seed:  14; like their offensive game, but an underdog rarely wins without playing defense.