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Greg Paulus: Cheesehead Nation Savior?


Duke guard Greg Paulus is not headed to the NBA.  Coach K closed that door on Paulus midway through his senior year, demoting him to the bench in favor of younger and trendier talent. We figured Paulus would just get cozy next to another former Duke point guard and prepare for his long and semi-illustrious coaching career under the wings of the Coach K regime.  Not so fast.  

Somewhere in the bowels of Bristol, Mel Kiper is scrapping together high school clips of Greg Paulus.  Why, you ask?  Either Greg Paulus is trying to write another destined for Disney film or the Green Bay Packers have officially decided to disgrace Lombardi and Lambeau in search of the next Brett Favre.  Green Bay Packers representatives have traveled to Durham and watched Paulus play pitch and catch.  Again, why?  Paulus has put his hands on the taint of another man many times before.  During high school Paulus was four-time all state, US Army All-American and a Gatorade Player of the football.  The 6'1," 180 pound Paulus set six New York state passing records and lost only 3 games while under center in his four years of scholastic play.  Paulus elected Duke basketball over Notre Dame football but has obviously not forgotten about the pigskin.

Will Greg get his name called on April two of the NFL draft? Probably not, but an enticing selection for Mr. Irrelevant.  

Green Bay, wow.  We thought you were better than that.