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Isiah Thomas is a coach again

So in a PR move intended to draw wide-eyes, Isiah Thomas was officially ushered in as Florida International's newest basketball coach today.  Thomas wisely pulled his own PR stunt as well, showing goodwill by electing to donate his $220,000 salary back to the university. Don't worry about his wallet though, the New York Knicks still owe this two-faced pro $12 million over the next two years.

Michelle Kaufman of the Miami Herald had an interesting piece today, offering Thomas a chance at redemption.  The Sun Belt school really has nowhere to go but up, so Kaufman thinks the former all-star point guard is making a good decision, and could serve as a savior for this school loaded with commuters and disinterested sports fans

Now the question becomes... is FIU obligated to selling Dale & Thomas popcorn at all their sporting events?