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Orange Crushed by Coach B's advice

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In the wake of the Syracuse Orange's Sweet Sixteen appearance and miraculous run through to the Big East Championship, Orange fans have been brimming with optimism for next season.  After the tears had dried, the reality of 2009 Preseason Final Four aspirations seemed more than possible with the likelihood of returning all the starters, a few key reserves and the addition of Iowa State transfer Wesley Johnson.  The only dark cloud hanging over Otto the Orange was the Jonny Flynn's decision to stay or to go.

Luckily for Syracuse fans Jim Boeheim ripped that band aid off right quick.  Coach Boeheim wasn't playing any April Fool's joke on Wednesday when he said that Flynn should test the NBA Draft waters.  Really, his own coach?  We're not sure if that is just a good coach gone senile or just a good coach being a good coach.  We'll stay with the latter and cross our fingers that Flynn will be wearing blue and orange for one more year.

Sidenote: The rumors have been flying around surrounding Flynn's swingman, Paul Harris possibly not returning next season.  Harris has repeatedly butted heads with Coach B.