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Your UNC - Villanova match-up preview

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  • Ty Lawson - Scottie Reynolds:  Predominant speed vs. predominant strength and toughness. Lawson has played near flawless basketball this tournament, with only one 2 turnovers and 20 assists.  That's a 10:1 assist to turnover ratio huh!!!  Reynolds numbers aren't overly impressive in the tournament, but he just seems to be riding this incredible wave of momentum.  Numbers don't lie though, so it's advantage Lawson.
  • Wayne Ellington - Reggie Redding:  Ellington, much like his high-school teammate turned Dukie Gerald Henderson, is a player we have waited to just break-out and start ripping ish up.  The Final Four would be quite the stage to show off his smooth stroke.  Despite this, he still sees more floor time than any of his teammates, so you know Roy Williams values him.  Redding, however, also leads his team in minutes, and has morphed into the Wildcats' defense stopper.  A key match-up here, and we will go out on a limb and say advantage Redding.
  • Danny Green - Dwayne Anderson:  Danny Green is that guy you dread the night before playing him.  He's multi-dimensional and difficult to scout becase he can do so many different things to impact a game.  Anderson has reinvented himself, after nearly transferring, and become the coaching staff's favorite with his "stats that don't show up in the stat book."  Intriguing to see if either player will generate offense, but advantage Green.
  • Deon Thompson - Shane Clark: Both players generally go unnoticed, and  Thompson has become the guy who tests the waters for Ed Davis (much like the relationship had between Jawad Williams and Marvin Williams back in 2005)Both players need to stay out of foul trouble to have any sort of imprint on this game.  Advantage Thompson.
  • Tyler Hansbrough - Dante Cunningham: Advantage Cunningham; just because we hate the name Tyler Hansbrough.  Sorry.
  • Bench:  The greatest strength of Villanova is their ability to insert the Two Coreys (Fisher and Stokes) had have little to no drop off in production.  UNC would love to counter with a Marcus Ginyard or AJ Graves, but they're not around.  Some people have said Roy Williams is hiding Ed Davis from the NBA by limiting his minutes.  I doubt he will be thinking that way at the FInal Four, so Davis could really be a factor this weekend.  On paper Nova can't counter with anything inside, but it didn't seem to matter against Pitt, so advantage Wildcats.
  • Which school would make for a better weekend visit?  Well we've heard VillaNoFun is a well-deserved nickname, but good God we have had some lame encounters with UNC students. A tough call but we'll head to Nova then catch a cab and escape to Broad St. in downtown Philly.

So who's going to win?  North Carolina can't get this far and blow it once again...right? Nah we don't think so, as Lawson continues his great tournament run, Danny Green has a spectacular game, and Ed Davis steps up big by logging a double-double.

***For more statistical analysis on this Final Four match-up, check out