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Just visiting home or apartment shopping?

We are not a college football blog but the Syracuse Orange pathetic football fans are buzzing about an undersized, ACC point guard, four years removed from football making a visit to his hometown.

Former Duke point guard Greg Paulus is reportedly returning to his old "glory days" hometown to speak with some Syracuse Orange football coaches.  Paulus played high school football in the area and is actively searching for a place to be point man of the gridiron.  Paulus started his football frenzy fiasco with a visit from the Green Bay Packers in Durham.  Next, it was Rich Rodriguez who attempted to coddle Paulus into the friendly confines of the Big House.  Now one of the jokes of Division I is calling Greg back to his hometown.  So, by deductive reasoning we can hypothesize that Paulus is not good enough for the NFL (really?), or he is more infatuated with college than Asher Roth and will do anything to stay in school, ANY SCHOOL. 

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