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2009 NBA Draft Early Entry Spreadsheet

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We took a look at the current draft field, and realized that a lot of players are making some serious mistakes.  Call us selfish for wishing they would return to the college game to give it some depth for next season.

Or just call us practical and realistic.

Our thoughts on the current field in the link below.  With the camps kicking off soon, June 15 is the date to circle -- that's the deadline for players to withdraw.  This year's pre-draft camp is in late May, and the draft lottery takes place on May 19.

Signed with an agent Year School says… We say…
B.J. Mullens Fr. Ohio State Mid-first round Another year of seasoning wouldn't have hurt.  Mullens just needs to improve in all facets, according to us.  Whoever selects him is basing it entirely on potential -- but the season ticket holders will likely be ticket off about it.
Blake Griffin Soph. Oklahoma No 1 pick We just want to thank him for sticking around for his sophomore season.  (Blake) Griffin will be a sure fire NBA stud
Brandon Costner Jr. N.C. State Undrafted Just looking for some money.  Costner has seemingly regressed since his redshirt freshman season and probably isn't tough enough to play power forward in the NBA.
Chase Budinger Jr. Arizona Late first round Not a bad idea.  Arizona is starting over and Budinger's athleticism might convince an NBA team he can play the small forward position at both ends
DaJuan Summers Jr. Georgetown Early second round Eh we're pretty apathetic about Summers.  Does he really have an upside?  He can't create his own shot, isn't overwhelmingly quick but is a true small forward so teams probably have a pretty good idea how he would or would not fit on their team
Daniel Hackett Jr. USC Undrafted Was Hackett trying to spite Tim Floyd?  Hackett has an Italian passport, so it's likely he will head straight there after he's not picked in the first round of the draft.
Dar Tucker Soph. DePaul Late second round to undrafted Who? Mike Jones?  Tucker has quietly put together some highlight reel plays in two years at DePaul.  Too bad he's a 6'5 tweener and hovers around 40 percent from the field.  More of an athlete than basketball player who is making a mistake
DeJuan Blair Soph. Pittsburgh Mid-first round The second coming of….Reggie Evans.  Yes, that's all he is.
DeMar DeRozan Fr. USC Top 10 His 5.7 rebounds per game could have been better, but DeRozan seemed to get better as the season went along. Still raw, so it might take a few years for him to make an impact.
Hasheem Thabeet Jr. UConn Top 5 We are believers in this goof.  Thabeet was second in the nation blocks (4.2) but probably altered up to a dozen a game
James Harden Soph. ASU Top 5 A pure scorer who needs to take less dribbles…if that makes sense.  Harden could become a reliable for years to come if he attacks with more efficiency.
James Johnson Soph. Wake Forest Mid-first round The pride of Cheyenne, Wyoming, Johnson is making a pretty bold move by signing an agent.  He's another tweener -- is he a good enough shooter to play the wing, or will he have to learn how to defend bigger players down low?
Jonny Flynn Soph. Syracuse Mid-first round A crushing blow to the 'Cuse.  Flynn just got better as the season went on all while playing a ton of minutes.  The spotlight will be off him in the NBA, so he can focus more on being an actual point guard rather than a scorer/ball handler.
Jordan Hill Jr. Arizona Top 5 Eh, this guy is a top 5 pick? What a weak draft.  Not so fast now…Hill is an athletic power forward and can run the floor.  He was also 5th in the nation in offensive rebounds. A real workhorse.
Stephen Curry Jr. Davidson Top 10 Our favorite player to declare, Curry has to prove he can either run an offense and facilitate as a point guard, or prove he can defend shooting guards.  We guess the forward and see him adjusting in a few years.
Ty Lawson Jr. UNC Mid-first round Depending on how the pong balls spit out, Lawson should move up in this draft.  He's got rare speed and improved his shooting tremendously this season (53.2 FG; 47.2 3pt)
Wayne Ellington Jr. UNC Late first round We believed Ellington could breakout in the tournament with his sweet stroke -- and he took home Final Four MVP honors.  Wayne's biggest deficiency is that he's not very good at creating his own shot, so it will take a coach who knows how to use him for Ellington to be effective
Could return Year School says… We say
Chinemelu Elonu Jr. Texas A&M Undrafted We're hoping this is a family situation we have yet to discover, because even the NBA Scouts are saying "who is Chinemelu Elonu?!?!"  His 9.3 ppg and 7.3 rbg don't jump off the paper and nor will his 6'10" frame jump up from the couch in jubilation on draft day.  Just go back to school.
Damion James Jr. Texas Early to mid second round There is upside for this undersized swingman.  His efficiency from the perimeter tailed off a bit from the previous year but his overall presence on the court is valuable in all areas of the game, making him a mid-second round utility player.
Derrick Brown Jr. Xavier Early to mid second round With the loss of a coach usually follows with NBA borderliners making the early jump.  Derrick Brown is one of those players forced into testing the waters earlier than the ideal.  He has a lot of areas for improvement but if this "project" pans out like past XU alum, then he'll be just fine.
Devan Downey Jr. South Carolina Late second round No, he is not going to be the starting QB for Spurrier, this former arrestee is quite the intriguing basketball player.  At only 5'9,"  Downey was able to lead the SEC in steals while still filling up the cup for almost 20 and 5 per game.  Someone will take a risk.
Dominique Archie Jr. South Carolina Undrafted Archie is the prime example of why we are not a fan of allowing players to return.  He has no business being in the NBA Draft.  It basically is allowing him to get his name out there for 2010.  His 10 points a game in the lackluster SEC is proof he has no business sizing up this year.
Donald Sloan Jr. Texas A&M Undrafted Ditto.  At 6'3" your 11 points and stellar 3 assists will not amount to much of a point guard.  Note to Sloan:  June 15th remove from Draft.
Dwayne Collins Jr. Miami Undrafted We think Jack McClinton is going to have to slap his own teammate.  Collins is a longshot at best and his sole purpose is to put his name on the radar for next season.
Earl Clark Jr. Louisville Top 10 Earl Clark can play his way into a lottery pick or play his way into second round territory.  Clark is one of the few players that deserve the privilege of this beneficial move to play it out and allow a true testing of the waters.  The talent is there, but Clark is making a sound decision by trying to play for a coveted  lottery selection.
Eric Devendorf Jr. Syracuse TBD Devendorf has no true NBA position.  Scouts don't have him listed anywhere within a dog's ear whisper of MSG.  However, 'Cuse is ready to move on with Rautins and Wesley Johnson.  Hopefully the European women like men with neck tattoos and red-haired chinstraps.
Gani Lawal Soph. Georgia Tech Late first round What Lawal lacks in size, he will make up for in strength.  Lawal is an undersized but overly athletic power forward lacking any kind of threat to "J" you from beyond 15 feet.  Despite a jump shot, this kid will not be slinging crack rock.  His ball hawking defense and rebounding ability will be enough to hear his name called in the late first or early second round.
Gerald Henderson Jr. Duke Mid first round Henderson is one of the most athletic players on the board and his late season performance is propelling him to mid-first round projections.  He could benefit from some long range shooting improvement and his defense can be suspect at times, despite his athletic prowess.  The Cameron Crazies will miss his explosive, game changing throw downs next year.
Greivis Vasquez Jr. Maryland Late second round Maryland can only hope that Mr. Everything returns for them.  His triple double in a win over UNC showed Vasquez's ceiling, but at 6'5" can Vasquez handle the daily responsibility of being an NBA point guard? His streaky shooting leaves a lot of GM's uneasy about making him their selection.  After putting up some very respectable numbers at 17.5 ppg and 5.0 assists, its hard to tell the kid he should go back to the Terps, especially with the state of the UMD program in question.
Jarvis Varnado Jr. Miss St Late first round Varnado is not going to be a franchise changing draft pick but he does bring something to the table on both ends of the floor, 13 points a agame to go with his 4.7 blocks and 9 boards.  At 6'9" and 210 lbs. Varnado lacks the physical presence of an imposing NBA power forward.  If Jarvis can get in the college wait room for one more year, he could probably bolster his 2010 draft status to a late lottery pick.
Jeff Teague Soph. Wake Forest Mid first round If Teague could have entered the draft mid-way through the season, he would have been lock for a top 10 pick but as the season progressed we saw Teague give the limelight away in many games.  The talent is certainly not in question, but the desire is.  Teague is going to have to woo his way into the Top 20 picks in the first round.
Jeremy Wise Jr. Southern Miss Undrafted Wise does not really have any business attempting to size up with the other NBA ready talents.  His 6'2" 165lb frame could not take the NBA grind of 82 games, and neither can his talent.  NBA Scouts don't even have this guy in the Top 50 Juniors of the draft, so explain the simple numbers of logic on how Wise will be called forth on June 25th.
Jodie Meeks Jr. Kentucky Mid second round Meeks will become some NBA team's Michael Redd.  Meeks is an explosive scorer that will pull it from anywhere and probably make it (shot over 40% from beyond the arc).  Meeks is a pure shooter, who will log minutes in small doses right away.  Don't expect him to be around late in the first round.
Jrue Holiday Fr. UCLA Late first round The sky seems limitless for this young'n.  Holliday is going to make an NBA team very happy whether its this year or next.  His raw talent on both ends of the floor are appealing and he will make dollars.  He just needs to weigh greed vs. experience.
Luke Harangody Jr. Notre Dame Undrafted Harangody couldn’t guard a telephone pole but we don't see that improving.  He should have left after last year and his delay will cause his draft stock to drop.  His 23.3 ppg and 11.8 rpg will be good enough for a playoff team to select a "garbage time" man
Mac Koshwal Soph. DePaul Undrafted Regardless of stats, should any player from get drafted after the team went 0-18 in the Big East Conference? NO.  Especially a sophomore who only averaged 12 and 9.  Next please.
Michael Washington Jr. Arkansas Early second round When you play for Arkansas and have no chance at the Final Four its probably best to jump ship for NBA tryouts when you are the gasoline for the vespa, that is your team.  Washington is a 6'10" athletic power forward, a perfect role playing prospect for an NBA team needing inside help.
Nic Wise Jr. Arizona TBD A new face is coming to town to mentor the Wildcats and Wise might be a little uneasy about his chance to improve his numbers for next year.  Wise shot 42 percent from beyond the arc and averaged a sold 15.5 ppg.  One knock on this point guard is obviously his vertically challenged body (5'10").
Nick Calathes Soph. Florida Late first round All NBA teams would love to have a 6'5" point guard that can score, so why not Calathes?  Calathes was as valuable to the Florida basketball team as Tim Tebow is to the football team.  Calathes can shoot from deep, dish and rebound out of the guard spot his way into the first round.
Patrick Patterson Soph. Kentucky Mid to late first round Patterson is as raw as the tuna down at Jin's Sushi Bar.  Patterson is a 6'8" engine that doesn’t stop.  His length and athleticism make him a true year away from an NBA contributor.  With a couple of good workouts, don't be shocked if P squared climbs the board.
Paul Harris Jr. Syracuse TBD Harris came out of left field when he construed one hell of an idea, declaring for the NBA Draft.  One ride with a mangled Philly Blunt in your index finger and thumb will do that to you.  At 6'6" Harris and his 12 points, 8 rebounds and no jump shot are not aided by the fact that he won't speak to his current coach.  This website might undergo a change of name.
Roderick Flemings Jr. Hawaii Undrafted If you lead your team in scoring, a team that finished next to last in the WAC no less, you would probably go pro too right?  Actually yes, get the hell out of Hawaii and go to the D League.  Brilliant!
Scottie Reynolds Jr. Villanova Undrafted Villanova has "National Championship Contender" written alllll over them if Reynolds returns.  Another year would improve his stock tremendously as the 2010 presumed Cousy Award winner.
Shawn Taggart Jr. Memphis Undrafted Taggart just wants to say he was smart enough to bail on Memphis after Calipari left.  He only got 25 minutes a game this season and is an underweight power forward.
Taj Gibson Jr. USC Late second round Once again, he's underweight at 210 and 6'10".  But Gibson was fourth in the nation in blocks (3) and pulled down nine boards a game.  His athleticism alone could get him an NBA contract.
Tasmin Mitchell Jr. LSU Undrafted Mitchell has the long body Jay Bilas love to speak at length about, but he's still development.  One more year really could help this guy out -- especially with Marcus Thorton's 21 ppg coming off the books.
Tyler Smith Jr. Tennessee Mid second round Volunteer players tend to rub us the wrong way -- but Smith consistently put up numbers despite his team's shaky play throughout the season.  He can defend multiple positions and has tear tattoos, which mean he's got thick skin from growing up on the streets.  Could be a great addition looking to add depth to their bench.
Tyreke Evans Fr. Memphis Top 10 DraftExpress says he's, at best, Larry Hughes. But if he learns to become a scoring point guard, he could have a Jason Terry type career.  That's only going to happen if he improves on his three point shooting (27 percent)

2009 NBA Draft Early Entry Matrix