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Tim Floyd gave money to OJ Mayo's crew, says a snitch

Yahoo! Sports loves to break news, especially when it's scandalous and involves the USC Trojans.

The latest drama, as you've probably heard, involves head coach Tim Floyd allegedly giving cash to an OJ Mayo handler (note: what is this world coming to? big time college athletes now have their posse members officially recognized).  This all is coming from a former member of Mayo's crew, Louis Johnson, who first exposed the inner-workings of Mayo and buddy Rodney Guillory back in May of 2008 on ESPN's Outside the Lines. In Johnson's latest bean spilling to the media, he says payments were made in $1,000 installments, and it was to ensure Mayo became a Trojan.

This all sounds plausible, but I still want to believe the way it went down  was simply a fairy tale, as described by the New York Times' Lee Jenkins.

Certainly read the Yahoo! article in full as Charles Robinson and Jason Cole have documented a long narrative from Johnson describing a transaction between Guillory and Tim Floyd during NBA All Star Weekend 2007 in Vegas.  It's good stuff. Johnson, though, is still such a snitch.

The NCAA is going to likely move on this and add it to the litany of things the athletic department is already under investigation for. Could be big trouble for the school's cash cow.