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Our own Mock Draft: The Best Off-Season moves


There's a lot of guessing going on with who will go where and when and why during Thursday's NBA Draft.  No need for that here.  It's a fairly crappy draft, and outside of the top three, many of the players look the same to us.  We have deferred this analysis for others, sticking solely to our game and what we have seen develop so far this off-season.


5) FIU takes a gamble and hires Isiah Thomas as their new coach

On the surface it sounds funky: a two-faced, franchise killing, ass-grabbing NBA has-been will not only coach, but attempt nurture and develop boys into young men. Then you realize that Florida International wasn't really on the college basketball radar before, and you give them the benefit of the doubt.

Thomas is apparently deferring his first-year salary and donating it back to the school, so FIU can only make money here as there's sure to be a boost in apparel and ticket sales.

Heck, there was a recent rumor flying around that Lance Stephenson was being courted by the Golden Panthers. We know that it may soon become his only choice, but regardless attention is always a good thing, and this commuter school will surely get some during Thomas' tenure.


4) Scottie Reynolds looks to create a legacy and returns to Villanova

We really like Scottie Reynolds, and frankly just didn't want to see him go. It was wise of him to at least test the waters, but with his return he can keep the eccentric, guard-centric Wildcats in check next season as they seek a return trip to the Final Four.

Reynolds has been synonymous with the program since he stepped onto campus, suiting up in all of the 106 games he's been eligible to play in - starting in many of them. Plus, I hear the chilling on the end of the Milwaukee Bucks bench making the league minimum sucks, so why the heck not stay?


3) Alabama gets smart and hires Anthony Grant

With the signing of Grant, That Guy Kentucky Hired, Bruce Pearl and Billy Donovan, the SEC is going to be pretty damn interesting for years to come. Grant was a mid-major coach waiting to make a splash on the BCS scene. He's a no non-sense guy who doesn't eff around, and is more than suitable to be the man to clean up the mess Mark Gottfried left in Tuscaloosa.

Now, the most pressing question to the matter --- who comes out of The Octagon the victor: Grant or his football counterpart Nick Saban?


2) Comcast signs on with ESPNU and ESPN360

"It's about time" said the large television markets of Boston, Philadelphia and others. Many living in cities where Comcast had secured a monopoly were deprived of the great ESPNU and additional online content from the worldwide leader. But fret no more. A deal was announced in May and will be implemented in time for the start of College Football. Your friends that curl up on the couch enjoying the luxuries of Verizon Fios and even Time Warner Cable, can't laugh at you now.


1) The University of Kentucky goes all in

There's three parts to this: Kentucky realized it wasn't getting anywhere with Billy Gillispie. Then the school went all in with John Calipari, a guy who craves attention almost more than his new bosses, and finally, but quickly, the coaching change yielded some high returns with the signings of DeMarcus Cousins, Daniel Orton, Eric Bledsoe, and of course John Wall.

This is the most important move not only for this upcoming season, but for maybe the next 10 years, as the balance of power could once again shift back into Lexington. Calipari is already bringing in the personnel to effectively run the dribble drive, and he's already proven to show he can coddle/coach a blue-chip point guard.