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Elliot Williams to transfer, Duke now down a starting guard


To the casual college basketball fan, the transfer of Elliot Williams to attend to personal reasons doesn't seem too impactful, but for the Dookie!!! fans that's hardly the case. Williams averaged a pedestrian 4.2 points this season, although he showed signs of improvement after being inserted into the starting line-up in mid February -- poised to turn into a go-to player next season.

Does this signal the beginning of the Olek Czyz era in Durham?

With Williams gone the Blue Devils are short a few guards.  Only Jon Scheyer and Nolan Smith return to the back court, and there's no sign of ball-handling help coming with the incoming recruiting class.  Let's remember, John Wall isn't going to be Coach K's prized recruit this year.

We hear it is a family realted illness, and home is Memphis.  Could this turn into a small gift to Josh Pastner? Williams will also ask the NCAA that they waive the one year wiating period due to the circumstances of the transfer.

We wish him the best.