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The Jordan Crawford dunk surfaces...

...and it's really much ado about nothing.  In short, Crawford got into the lane off an inbounds pass, James didn't rotate over in time, and Crawford flushed it.

Yes the dunk drew some oohs and ahhs, but the game continued. Really though, the way this has played out, King James looks terrible here -- like a massive effing tool for forcing Nike to flex their muscles and confiscate all the video cams they could get their hands on.

Initially we envisioned Crawford coming down the wing with James waiting to meet him at the rim. But in actuality, the dunk was slightly underwhelming, giving James the title of  "Most Self-Conscience Athlete"on the planet.

TMZ was the first to unveil the video today after aquiring it for an estimated $10-$50K. But a sharper, higher quality video shot from the opposite end of the court also popped up, which is what we got here for you.  Makes you wonder what the hell is going on here and if any of this really matters.