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We're not paying for this photo, but "Eddie O" thinks we should

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Another casualty of the economy is waving big red flares as a last resort before financially drowning.  A hypothesis generated when Mr. Ed O'Bannon became the arrowhead of pending class-action lawsuit against the NCAA.  Ed O'Bannon was the Final Four MVP in 1995 for the dominating UCLA Bruins.  The beef?  A deviation of the timeless debate circling around whether NCAA athletes should be paid.  The twist?  O'Bannon believes that former players should be receiving a "royalty"-type compensation for images of the past, currently being used commercially in DVD's, video games, memorabilia and the like. 

As the catalyst of this class action lawsuit, O'Bannon is arguing on behalf of former Division I football and basketball players.  O'Bannon states that the NCAA is a "for profit business" and the players receive "no compensation whatsoever."  Apparently the $160,000 of free education, four years of room and board and a monthly stipend was not enough.  

Car sales are down, we know that, but are you that desperate?  I guess that $3.9 million dollars evaporated quickly.