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Leave Rick Pitino alone, he doesn't even jaywalk

"Enough is enough."  In a random outburst of organized emotions, Rick Pitino went off on the media and despite being a second hand media source, we don't blame him.  The facts are clear: Rick Pitino was blackmailed and Karen Sypher is a liar and unstable.  The New Yorker came out as Pitino emphasized his rage towards the unfounded ongoing reportings.  The is warranted and it is understood that he would like the trial speak the truth while he continue's to maintain his Top 10 program.  We enjoyed a few of the emphasizing statements made in the six minute rant:

 "On a day that Ted Kennedy died" - TWICE.  Yes, we understand that there was other news made that day but twice?

"My lawyer says 'Don't say anything.', The Univeristy says 'Don't say anything.'  The Authorities said 'Don't say anything.'  Well, enough is enough.  I am saying something, it's a lie."

"That's why I havn't gone around to Inside Edition..."  Really.  Inside Edition?  That was your first media outlet mentioned?  I think we could have gone with The National Inquirer.

"The FBI and the U.S Attorney's Office don't go after jaywalkers."  Ending on that note, well played.