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It's (still) that time of year...


So let's see... the MLB trade deadline has passed, Bill Clinton is proving to be an absolute magician abroad, and I have officially exhausted all the on-demand programming that HBO and Showtime have to offer.

The world of college basketball is slowing to a halt, but there's still things to pass along.  Here is our second installment of the summer link dump.

John Wall might quickly become a YouTube sensation.  A pair of videos (one and two) have surfaced of a pick-up game in Lexington that features little defense and lots of showmanship.  We'll let you figure out which one is the Class of 2009's top point guard.

Duke is dabbling into the underworld of elite summer camps. When you can't sign 'em, join 'em, that's what the Blue Devils are doing.  It's become pretty evident that the reason Coach K & Co. haven't sniffed the Final Four since 2004 is due in large part to a lack of athleticism (oh and letting Greg Paulus run the show for three years). Well now Krzyzewski is going to host his own elite camp with the hopes of luring prospects with serious hops to Cameron Indoor.  There's some gray area here for sure, as Robbi Pickeral's piece details.

Maui Invitational/Old Spice Classic fields set.  Arizona's new coach Sean Miller will get some early exposure out on the islands, as the Wildcats and Maryland Terps highlight this year's field out in Hawaii.  But while the Maui carries the name, this year's Old Spice might carry the weight.  Xavier, Michigan and Alabama (don't forget Anthony Grant is running the ship) headline the Thanksgiving weekend tournament down in Disney.

Syracuse reaching out to former Big East foes.  Coming soon to a small market NBC affiliate near you...Donyell Marshall!  Well maybe not, but the 'Cuse's famed Newhouse School is opening up their doors to current NBA veterans shrewdly thinking about their post-NBA life. Guys like Tony Battie, Mike James, and Anthony Parker are replacing basketball jargon phrases like "pick-and-pop, "dribble drive," and "trades predicated on expiring contracts" with "VO/SOTs," "run times," and "shoulder graphics," by getting a crash-course in broadcast journalism. The program is run by Matt Park and Dave Ryan, sportscasters who double as adjunct professors at the school.

Jeff Goodman wants to tell you about July. He's got 10 things he learned last month. It's likely the only time "Mel Gibson" and "Thad Matta" get named in the same column.