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...Or you got a wicked jump shot

boiler room
boiler room

Binghamton has never been at the forefront of NCAA basketball talks and they probably never will be. Actually the only time any America East team makes headlines, that particular school would probably prefer to be nameless, as nothing good emerges.

Emanuel "Tiki" Mayben and his recent arrest for possessing and selling cocaine confirm the truth (one up-ing fellow teammate that stole condoms from Walmart). We all knew Mayben could dish out the rock after he set the single season school record for assists, and that he has a grotesque unibrow, but we didn't know he also dropped dimes on the street too. The Po-Po's did know about Mayben's extra "practice sessions," as he was the subject of an on-going three month investigation that came to an end Wednesday night with his arrest. Tiki couldn't settle for just having a wicked jump shot, he had to go for the double-double and slang that crack rock.