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Things we missed during the second week of January


  • DePaul fired head coach Jerry Wainwright, then lost top scorer Mac Koshwal with a foot injury. He will be out 2-4 weeks. The Blue Demons are dead last - 0-5 - in the Big East. So with that, none of this news really matters.
  • Gonzaga's Elias Harris has arrived. The freshman forward dropped a season high 31 points against Saint Mary's and, alongside Robert Sacre, is one half of arguably the most underrated frontcourt in the nation. Harris now leads the Bulldogs in scoring and rebounding, and is rising on NBA draft boards.
  • Binghamton beat Boston University on Thursday, and following the game interim head coach Mark Macon offered up a fairly disturbing quote that all local TV and newspaper peeps ran with. Bottom line, the Bearcats have not shed their image as a troubled program. And if you live near the school, lock your damn door.
  • The U.S Secretary of Education is now weighing in on the hot button topic of college basketball's one-and-done players. Arne Duncan is calling-out athletes with no intentions of sticking around campus for more than one season, saying that any sort of integration with campus life is a 'farce.' But you already knew that.
  • A tumultous summer for Rick Pitino means a tumultous summer for Louisville Sports Information Department. So Rick Pitino's 50th birthday present to the Cardinals SID director Kenny Kline has added signifiance. Still, though, don't be led to believe that SID gigs are cushy.