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The Big Ten is really interesting

I know, crazy right? I can't believe it either. I was connecting the dots last night and realized this is the conference I am most looking forward to seeing playing out.

With Purdue losing their last three, Ohio State getting back to form with a healthy Evan Turner, and Michigan getting their feet back under them in just the last week, there's now six tournament locks and two additional slots still available between the Wolverines, Minnesota and Northwestern. Indiana, heck, you could find yourself on the radar too if you continue to share the ball.

Granted, when you look at the conference RPI, the numbers don't glow with upper-echelon teams (only Wisconsin, Michigan St., and Purdue are ranked in the top 25) and the Spartans sit comfortably at 5-0, but I use something called common sense in these situations. The Big Ten is the most competitive conference this season, and it's worth surfing your way up to their television station to watch everything unfold, and even listen to Gus Johnson warm-up his chords in preparation for March Madness.

Big Ten Conference Standings

(updated 1.18.2010 at 2:20 AM EST)