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I paused my social life for this?

Three nuggets to consider from today's uber-hyped but uber-disappointing Louisville - Kentucky game this afternoon:

  1. Louisville finished the first half with a robust 16 percent shooting percentage.
  2. The two teams combined for 51 personal fouls (plus another five technicals) and 37 turnovers
  3. The game was altered significantly just 45 seconds after the tip, when the refs looked the other way on a DeMarcus Cousins elbow to Jared Swopshire's face. Cousins went on to lead all with 18 points and 18 rebounds.

Despite escaping with a 71-62 victory, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone in Lexington truly satisfied with the win. The game opened up with Eric Bledsoe hurling cuss words at Edgar Sosa, followed by that aforementioned scuffle between Cousins and Swopshire. Futility ensued as it took nine minutes for Louisville to score their first field goal, followed by Kentucky being held scoreless from the seven to three minute mark. 

Just like against North Carolina, John  Wall cramped up during a crucial stretch of the second half. His mortal teammates were left to fend for themselves, reminding us this is just another Top 25 team sans their freshman stud. When Wall returned he subsequently scored the Wildcats next six points, assuring victory .

Patrick Patterson continues to provide consistent play for Coach Cal, who should count his blessings every morning that the junior forward opted not to go pro. It's understandable, to a degree, to see a heralded group of kids get wrapped up in the emotions from this type of game, and thus act out the way they did before getting their bearings. But it should be noted that Patterson was never a part of any drama this game provided (unless CBS neglected to mention it), and he still was able to "get his" without forcing the issue on offense.

The whole event was fairly ugly, and provided us with a glimpse as to how UK may play out on the road. Consider the teeming student sections in Knoxville, Baton Rouge and even Gainsville. Surely they have spotted Kentucky's unstable behavoir, and can't wait to help break up this inexperienced team's undefeated season