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DeMarcus Cousins might still be a punk

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Last night I tweeted that DeMarcus Cousins, a person I once thought was primed to drop a haymaker out of pure anger during a hotly contested game, had recently channeled his emotions and was fulfilling the potential we had all heard about over the summer. 

Well, Cousins might have regressed a bit last night after Kentucky's loss to South Carolina. 

Per Bob Shields of WLTX in Columbia, by way of

"We did a live shot right after the game. I see many fans swarming the court. One in particular looked like he was trying to duck the security guards. While he was still bent over, DeMarcus threw what I saw was two little uppercuts. A big fellow like that can throw a much bigger punch than he did. But he definitely swung twice. Somebody from the Kentucky bench, somebody in a suit, grabbed DeMarcus as quickly as it happened and the kids after he got hit."    

Yes, that's right, DeMarcus Cousins may have thrown a few punches at a punch-drunk USC undergrad. There's more, too, including the "victim" calling into a local radio show to share his story. Go give a read over to CHJ for the full account. I can't wait to see how Cal handles this one.