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Bobby Cremins re-introduces himself to UNC, shocks Heels

When Bobby Cremins was manning the sidelines for Georgia Tech, he went a dismal 12-33 against UNC during his 19 year tenure. Looking at each game on a timeline they all look the same, unmemorable too, annotated only by a simple line score. But surely, in what may go down as the upset of the year, last night's overtime win over the big bad North Carolina Tar Heels has staying power that even Cremins will smile about years from now.

College of Charleston, the best team in the SoCon, beat the best program of the past 10 years in a game that was far more exciting than a pointless Fiesta Bowl. Sure the Tar Heels backcourt was thin, as Marcus Ginyard and Will Graves were out with injuries, but do you think the CofC undergrads who pranced around campus deep in to the night care? I would have to say many aren't even aware who Marcus Ginyard and Will Graves are, let alone were cognizant of their defensive abilities that probably would have prevented the Cougars from shooting an aggressive 13-32 from beyond the arc.

This game also formally introduced us to Andrew Goudelock, the conference's best player who relished last night's opportunity. Goudelock poured in a game high 24 points highlighted by an unorthodox three pointer to force overtime. We will hear about him again...he's got  "March Madness Upset-Special" written all over him.

Furthermore, it was  "example no 1,261 why major conference schools hate playing true road games", according to's Mike Miller.

Cherish it kids! You gotta cherish it.