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Sizing up the Tennessee gun/drug charges

Although we may have a good idea what the penalty will be for the Tennessee Volunteer's Tyler Smith, Cameron Tatum, Melvin Goins and Brian Williams, their futures remain undetermined. Despite the drug and weapons charges being misdemeanors and not felonies I think these guys are, at least, done for the season, meaning Smith is finished as a college basketball player. Remember, the UT Athletic Department has to act tough after the armed robbery incident in the fall.

As we wait let's recollect on a few recent thuglife incidents from college basketball players, which resulted in suspensions.

  • In February of 2007 former Gonzaga forward Josh Heytvelt was arrested and charged with felony possession of a controlled substance. Police in Cheney, Washington pulled Heytvelt over for a broken tail light. After searching the car they found three chocolate muffins containing mushroom pieces (mmmmmmm, great idea Josh!). Heytvelt was suspended for the rest of the season by head coach Mark Few. He was not reinstated until October after completing 240 hours of community service and agree to be subject to random drug tests. Few was not initially going to allow Heytvelt back, but realized he needed a big man for the 2007-2008 season was swayed by the sincere effort Josh put in during the rehabilitation process.
  • UCONN's Jerome Dyson missed five weeks of the 2007-2008 season after being caught poppin' a few bottles of cognac and vodka with former Husky guard Doug Wiggins. Oddly enough, the two were found sitting together at a parking lot in Storrs. I know, very strange. After receiving a citation, Dyson was then subjected to a drug test by the school, and failed that test.  He returned for UCONN's first round game against San Diego, which the Torero's won in overtime.
  • Once a tough guy, always a tough guy. Former Boston College Eagles shot blocking specialist Sean Williams was booted from the basketball team in 2007 for a violation of unspecified team rules. He was in the middle of his junior season. Williams had a history however, in May 2005 he was suspended for seven months for possession of marijuana.